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DANCING all the way to the MEDAL

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Tomer Margalit


My name is Tomer Margalit.
I'm 25 years old, I'm a wheelchair dancer, medalist world championship.
Until age 14 I have been on a professional dance team, I danced ballet, modern dance, and more...


In the hospital, I discovered that I had an attack of Transverse Myelitis disease.
Spinal inflammation was created that caused paralysis.  
I was hospitalized for a month in intensive care and 11 months in pediatric rehabilitation.
I lived in the hospital for a total of one year.
Gradually I returned to school for a half week and the other half I used to continue with treatments I still do until this day, like physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, Pilates, acupuncture, etc.
My amazing family supports me every day. They're my trophy. 


In high school I met my love, we got married in JUNE 2020.
we had a magical wedding.

After I finished high school, I decided to volunteer for military service even though I didn’t have to because of the disability.
I served as a computer network manager.


Over the years many people tried to convince me to go back to dancing, to try wheelchair dance.
I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t imagine to myself dancing in a wheelchair, Until a woman named Limor convinced me to try "just once".
Today I'm part of the Israeli national dance team. 
I'm competing all over the world in two categories:
Single Latin and Freestyle. 
In these categories, I'm competing alone, without a dance partner.
At the last competition – the WORLD championship - I won two medals in both categories:
The SILVER medal runner up, and the BRONZE medal at my first WORLD championship.
I won the GOLD medal at the world cup in GERMANY, and  the SILVER medal twice at the EUROPEAN championship.

I have the best teacher! I'm happy that I was able to achieve such a feat!


The message I convey to people that attend my life coaching sessions, (as I tell my personal story in schools in lectures and on Instagram) is that it is our will that determines where we go.
It is important not to give up, even though you have physical pain like I always have, or even though it's difficult for any other reason.
Always stay positive and never give up.

Love, Tomer Margalit

You can follow me on my YOUTUBE channel & my INSTAGRAM to see more and to join my journey ♥

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