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Heidi Zoltak

There is no more suffering

On July 4th weekend in 2012, my life forever changed in a freak accident. I plummeted 30 feet from a rope swing that left me fighting for my life. The injuries were extensive on my right leg. The surgeons ended up saving the leg but the surgeries continued...weeks turned into months, months turned into years. Recovering from countless reconstructive surgeries, doctor appointments and physical therapy became my new full time job. I remained homebound and disabled and my love for yoga deepened. I couldn’t drive, but I could crutch to my yoga mat. My mat was there for me unconditionally in a new world of conditions. I moved, I felt, I healed from the inside out. I learned how to surrender and I became completely liberated and empowered by these new challenges. I looked at life with new eyes and a full heart. I learned to process my frustrations and embrace myself with love, but most importantly, I stopped blaming myself. That is when the real healing occurred. I began to find peace in this new normal and after 3 long years, I knew it was time to amputate. Looking back I wonder why I didn't do it sooner. I may not look it, but I am completely whole again now that my leg is gone. There is no more suffering.


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