yoocan - Tylia Flores - What Cerebral palsy has taught me durning the pandemic
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What Cerebral palsy has taught me durning the pandemic

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Tylia Flores

Navigating a whole New World

Last year, it seemed like the world shifted as we knew it as COVID 19 impacted everyone's life in one way or another. 

I know for me the pandemic has changed the way I looked at things as a person with Cerebral palsy. 

It has taught me that as a person with a condition that doesn't really have much understanding or awareness, we always have to advocate and speak out for those who can't speak out despite the fact we have to wear masks. 
Secondly, being in this pandemic has taught me there's always going to be new hurdles to overcome but that doesn't mean you can't overcome them for example, I went from having an activity to go to once a week to have them virtually.  

I also had to put a pause on finding a caregiver to help with my everyday needs which were very frustrating at times. But throughout all this, I still smiled through it all. 

Thirdly I had to learn the importance of patient and understand that the world is changing and I have to adapt to it whether I like it or not things aren't always going to be to my liking. 

Throughout the process of navigating throughout life, I've learned that obstacles are the best stories and we have to embrace them in order to tell our stories from our perspective and that is something society needs to hear about and as someone with Cerebral Palsy I learned that because of the pandemic and because of the obstacles we've had to face in the past year.

What I take from the lessons taught

What I take from the lessons taught while in the pandemic is life's what you make it so you have to make it rock no matter what you're dealt with at the time although there were many times frustration during this time period for me.  

Like for example, having to be comfortable with going outside and wearing a mask 24 seven although it made it harder for me to push my wheelchair. 

Along with having to cope with different changes and not being physically able to hug my friends or family members, we have to remain 6ft apart.  

Lastly, trying to find a unique way to advocate during this difficult time where everybody has to be a part I still wanted to advocate for Cerebral palsy and I still did although it was still difficult for me to do I was still able to accomplish the goal of being a writer advocate and radio show personality. 

So the lessons that I got from living with the condition during the pandemic is that although you may face challenges and obstacles nothing can stop you and obstacles are the best tools to help you grow.

Looking to the future

What I hope for in the future is that I could help others learn from their obstacles and challenges and I can look back at this time in my life and say if I could have made it through a pandemic and have a disability you can do it to you can achieve the many goals that you have you just have to keep pushing forward in life and remember obstacles are just temporary and they don't define who you are they make you stronger.

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