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Want to reach places You only dreamed of due to challenging terrace ? ParaTreking service is here to help!

So we are always trying to make Erez expand his barriers and see things that normally would be almost impossible for a wheelchair user to reach. Paratrek a service developed by Omer an army veteran going for his after-service vacation trip taking with him his father a casualty of war sitting on a wheelchair. That’s how this adventure started by developing a rickshaw like a wheelchair for outdoor terrain with volunteers that just want to help out and enjoy the ride :-)

Erez jumped on the wagon

So following this trip, the service was developed and we are signed up for 4 trips a year to the dessert and others seeing the beauty of nature and helping those who generally don’t really go outdoor, enjoy nature to the extreme. Here we are with Erez in the south of Israel, which was great because we had the chance of going out together with all the family. Erez's brother and sister helping out and I also acting like a horse :-) It was great and the enjoyment was at its best This service is available throughout the world and already there are chairs available on each continent. Search paratrek on yoocan and find the service. Enjoy the ride!

Yoav G, Erez's dad

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