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Live life as independent as possible with Sophisticated Equipment

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The person behind Sophisticated Equipment

Hi! I'm Sophie from the Netherlands and born in 1993. Iā€™m in a wheelchair because of the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that leads to joints that dislocates and reduced muscle strength (connective tissue is also in the muscles). With the help of my robotic arm aka Baco jr., my chair, and other sophisticated equipment that I use, my physical disabilities are intercepted and I can enjoy the possibilities that my brain has. šŸ§ 

In 2020 I graduated in entrepreneurship and retail management, specialized in neuromarketing. It was a long way to came there because I always went to special schools and in my opinion, they aren't motivating people to go to a regular school for further education (with way more studying options). I really wanted to go to the university of applied science and with the fantastic help of my teachers in finding solutions, I graduated in less than five years. šŸŽ“

I'm very stubborn and goal-oriented what I usually see as benefits. It helped me go to the school I wanted and graduate against all odds from people who believed I couldn't. The same goes for paragliding, I did everything I could to find equipment so that my body would survive. šŸŖ‚

I certainly do not just accept that Iā€™m no longer physically able to do something, like feeding myself the moment my shoulder assumed it would be funny to start dislocating like that. I applied for a robotic arm and since the day I received it, eating is fun again! šŸ•

Creating Sophisticated Equipment

Iā€™m using Baco for almost a decade and he gives me so much freedom and independence back, that the next goal I've come up with is showing others with a disability how satisfying it can be to live life as independently as possible with the right equipment. šŸ¦¾ So I created Sophisticated Equipment from where I post tutorial videos of sophisticated equipment (you've already guessed) on YouTube, that I promote via Instagram and Facebook. Iā€™m also posting sponsored sophisticated equipment and my goal is to also share sophisticated equipment that other people are using.

Interested? Follow Sophisticated Equipment and receive free tips for living your life as independently as possible! Feel free to share my page and spread the word to others that could benefit from the equipment that I'm posting. šŸ¦¼

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