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Triumph Over Tragedy

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Steven Jacobo

My success

My name is Steven Jacobo. Im 26 years old and a father of 2 boys. I broke my back February 26, 2013 snowboarding at Sierra Tahoe. Im a T9-T10 incomplete paraplegic. I turned my tragedy into a triumph. Everyone needs a little motivation sometimes. I started making YouTube videos on my daily activities as a paraplegic and me doing adaptive sports. You can subscribe my YouTube channel by searching Steven Jacobo. Then I got into hand-cycling which I borrowed a bike to into the Tour De Nez race in Reno,NV. Then I got into WCMX wheelchair skating which I got from Box Wheelchairs out of Corona,CA and thanks to the High Fives Foundation that helping purchase it for me. Soon after I got into ParaBobsledding which I fell in love with and now I want to make a career out of. Our last World Championships held in Park City, Utah 2016 I came in 5th in the World and #1 in the United States. We just found out September 5th 2016 Parabobsledding has become an official Paralympic sport. So now I want to pursue in and get a gold medal. I also do monoskiing when I'm not bobsledding during the winter. I recently just finished a waterski camp with High Fives Foundation. It was way fun and not only did I learn to waterski, I became more confident in the water. Im always welling to try anything once. Also I enjoy helping and motivating to try new things. If I can do it so can you. You can follow me on Facebook @ Steven Jacobo InstaGram @Life_Keeps_Rollin

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