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Still me!

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Kara Scott

Still me.

Hi, I am Kara. I have a very rare autoimmune disease, which means I’m paralysed from the chest down and suffer from chronic pain. Loosing the use of 3/4 of my body at first made me feel hugely insecure. I would constantly judge myself against others, and compare my situations to the “old me”. Never living up to the standards I set myself. Slowly my mindset has changed, why should I let having wheels for legs stop me being me? I decided to be me…happy. I think Being happy is a choice, a choice I choose to make day in day out. Please don’t get me wrong , I have days where I lay in bed and think why me? But At the end of it, I choose to see the good, to see the silver lining and look at the world in a positive way. I may look different but I am still the same strong woman I was before, if not stronger. My life’s journey has made me appreciate this world and the people in it and for that I am grateful.

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