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My old life is my past my new life is my future

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Cory Pewitt

Happy to live

My name is Cory Pewitt I go by “Rashaad”. When I tell you life is going by so quickly, I mean it. To share with you my story again for the people that didn’t know what I’ve been through. Imagine having most of the things you wanted in life. I went from doing SECURITY TO A POLICE OFFICER. On the day June 11, 2017, I was in a motorcycle accident due to “fatigue (lack of sleep) & Dehydration”. This was the day I lost it all but gained more. I'm beyond thankful and humbled. The Lord had other plans for me and gave me a second chance at life. All I remember during the wreck is me waking up to a lady & my homeboy Arron Holt telling me to stay calm. I asked them what had happened and advised her I couldn’t feel my legs then passed out. I don’t remember much the first week in the hospital. The second week I came around and was in so much pain. I started to realize I couldn’t move my legs and found out I was paralyzed. That was the first thing I tried. I was told by my first surgeon that I will never walk again which I didn’t listen to. I was in the hospital for like 2 and a half months. I know I cried every day. But “It’s crazy while I was laid up in the hospital there were rumors I was driving reckless and people were putting R.I.P BY MY name so quickly “... You see how people can make a rumor and they weren’t even there. So sad how people could just write me off like that ...Anyways I lost pretty much all the weight that I had gained and fell down to 110, skin and bones pretty much. I started therapy, where I met some amazing people that made me work hard. I’m grateful for them. My strong mindset lead me to where I'm at today! I had a lot of setbacks, but I pushed for my comebacks. As I said, some family & friends had carried me when I could hardly carry myself. I thank you for that. The Lord gave me so much strength, courage, and understanding when I was so vulnerable. You see, every day I wake up with a mindset that regardless I am going to be the best form of myself I can be. Isolation will destroy you. I used to isolate myself from the world because I didn’t know how people were going to react to me be in a wheelchair. I told myself that I would be standing at least a couple of years from now... Although I have no movement or function from the waist down I still try to stand... This shit ain’t easy & it gets difficult more and more every day. Anything is possible if you have faith and push yourself! I don't sell myself short. And I'm getting strong daily. 2019 - 2020 I have accomplished so much from going to college and playing basketball and traveling. I've done so much in the last 3 years. This ain’t stopping me at all. I’ve met a lot of genuine people that struggled on a different level from me and I’m thankful for them. If you put your mind to it anything is possible. Just wanted to share some of my accomplishments along this journey and testimony, and with strong faith, I wouldn't be where I'm at today, and that's the truth! Much love to my family & friends who I greatly appreciate. Every day I keep pushing myself♿❤🕇 to be great... This fight ain’t over at all.

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