yoocan - Jessica + Sasha McCue - Living with the CMV virus and our mission to help other families
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Living with the CMV virus and our mission to help other families

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Jessica + Sasha McCue

Our journey living with the CMV virus.

My daughter Sasha was born with a virus called CMV! When I first heard the words CMV virus I had no clue what it meant. I had no clue what this virus would do to my daughter Sasha and how it would change our lives forever! Sasha was born four days late appeared healthy at birth weighing in at 6lbs. 12oz. Less then twenty four hours later that all would change and my world changed forever. Sasha at 1 day old went in to respiratory distress and could barely breath on her own anymore. They rushed her to a bigger hospital over an hour away to bring her to the NICU there. I had to wait to go see her due to just giving birth and not feeling so great. Once I got to there Sasha was hooked up to so many tubes and wires I didn't even regonzie her! I was then told all about what was going on and I first heard the words CMV virus. Sasha was hooked up to oxygen feeding tubes wires so they could monitor her oxygen level and heart. I remembering sitting in the NICU and crying wondering why was all of this happening and felt so guilty what could I have done to prevent it. My mid wife obgyn never ever mentioned the words CMV virus to me and never told me Sasha would be fighting for her life like this. Six months later and I finally got to take Sasha home I felt overwhelmed with joy! From there our lives were filled with specialists doctors appointments and nurses coming into our home. My once simple life was now completely turned upside down as I learned what Sasha might face for the rest of her life. I was told she will never walk talk or probably might not even live to see her 5th birthday. Well Sasha proved them all wrong she crawled at 3 years old walked with a walker at 5 years old. Started talking at 3 1/2 before that we did sign language and Sasha knew about 20 different signs and communicated with me like that. She is now almost 10 years old and our journey has not been easy a lot of set backs a lot of struggles but she is the happiest girl I know! She always has a smile on her face or a hug to give you she lights up my life with her happiness! Sasha due to the CMV virus has Cerebral Palsy, hearing loss seizures respiratory issues including asthma sensory issues wears afo leg braces to help her walk. She might have to have possible sugeries in the future only time will tell. We started our YouTube channel called Sasha's Special Channel to show what our life is like living with the CMV virus.


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