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My story

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שבץ מוחי

Maria Serena Monti


My name is Giorgio, I'm Italian. Life put a strain on me 7 years ago. A cardioembolic stroke hit me. I could not speak and I could not walk. But, I could write. And write I did, this gave me a window into the world. I spent 4 months in the hospital. Then my ex-wife and children wanted to put me in a retirement home. But I didn't want to go there. These were the hardest 6 months of my life. My partner Serena fought to bring me home with her and managed to secure me a place where I could recover. Finally home. I started to improve. I began to take a few small steps. I would like to open an association to help people like me. I would like to raise awareness about the struggles we face, and not let anyone feel alone. Most importantly you can and should do anything you wish for. Never give up, life is one!


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