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Taking down the barriers!

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Slaven Škrobot

Slaven Škrobot- Pushing the boundaries

My name is Slaven Škrobot, I'm 35 and I live in Croatia. Twelve years ago, while I was sea jumping with my friends, I broke my neck by falling on my friend. By shattering my c5 vertebra, I became paralyzed below the chest and wheelchair-bound until who knows when. Twelve years ago began my, like I like to call it, second life. After one year of struggling with bacterias and hospitals, I finally came home. Even if I was looking forward to finally being home, nothing was accessible and I was at the mercy of my friends and family who were carrying me from the fourth floor. Even though I moved to the first floor, I was spending my days scrolling through social networks and looking at people traveling and doing sports. Since I was active before the injury, that woke up some kind of fire and defiance in me that still keeps me pushing nowadays. Anyway, I knew I had to do something about it! I started with small things, like going on a boat, music festivals, and countries that are close to Croatia. Soon I had my first flight to Madrid and realized I really like traveling, even if it is twice harder than before my injury. Traveling Europe was satisfying but I wanted something farther away, something more extreme and exotic. What came to my mind was Morocco! Researching for weeks I finally came up with a plan! Six of us for fifteen days. Even though it was a big step out of my comfort zone, a trip to Morocco really did change my life. After that trip, I wrote about how I traveled to Morocco and my story won and I was given two plane tickets to Australia! Many people contacted me and let me know they liked my story and that I should continue writing about my travels. And I did! I opened a blog, Instagram page, Facebook and started following my dreams and doing what I love. Since then I traveled to Australia, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Tanzania. In Jordan, Egypt, and in Sri Lanka I became the first person in the world who climb to Monastery in Petra, Pidurangala in Sigiriya, and Mt. Mousa in Sinai. Also, I've become Croatian traveler of the year which was a little bit funny (since I don't walk) but It did make me proud. Last year was a lot harder for us travelers so I choose to change something and adapt. Thanks to my followers, I got a handbike and I was traveling all along the Croatian coast. This year I plan to push myself even further so I will handcycle 1000 km through the whole Croatian coast. Today I am exactly where I want to be. I do what I love and I motivate and push other people to dare and live their dreams. There's no better feeling than to find your purpose, do what you love and truly help someone! Everything is possible if you really want it!

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