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The Sweet Life of May-Z

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Tweety Mama

The 23 Weeker

Hey, it's Tweety(mama) and Mason(son*5yrs old*)!!!! We were established November 16th,2015 in New York, earlier than we would have liked. Mason was born at 23 weeks and wheeled immediately into the NICU where he would spend more than 100 days, getting surgeries, having a ventilator/oscillator to help him breathe, getting blood transfusions, being rushed to another hospital for emergency surgery and of course having skin to skin bonding time with mama every single day. During his luxurious stay at the NICU, the neonatologist informed me that Mason had Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) which will result in Mason having Cerebral Palsy (CP). I said what does that mean, he simply told me that Mason will never be able to walk on his own and will rely on a wheelchair for the rest of his life. I can tell you I did not get upset at all, I automatically said: "ok, so life will be very different for us but I'm his mama, we definitely got this." Since Mason's release out of the NICU his quality of life was and is always my main concern. Mason's life is so sweet and adventurous!!! We travel, explore different states/cities, dance together, eat seafood, we even did horseback riding one time, he loves going to the pool and absolutely loves going to school. Mason is incredibly focused and smart. In school, he's learning sign language and beginning to use communication devices. With the help of his maternal grandparents, aunt, godparents, therapists, teachers, and the enormous village of people that loves him dearly, Mason continues to exceed our expectations and continue to strive. Massey is my bundle of joy and our lives together are beautiful!! Please don't get me wrong on some days it's very difficult but it's also so rewarding. I mean if I can take care of him when he was released from the NICU with his intestines out of his body while he had to use an ostomy bag and survived, I can survive anything...hahaha LOL. If you made it this far and would like to follow our adventures or just simply need to smile, follow us on Instagram at @therealalezandria.

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