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Love always wins! ♡

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Diego Marinho

Impossible is nothing !

In August 2018, I contracted through a mosquito, acute encephalitis (infection of the brain) that completely and devastatingly affected my brain. I spent 14 days in a coma with little chance of survival. To the medicine's surprise, I woke up. For doctors, I was a miracle. I'm sure the people who rooted for me generated such strong energy that God gave me a second chance and I'm here. There were so many people close, not so close, people, who don't even know me. From different beliefs and religions. Everyone praying, cheering, keeping positive vibes. I'm sure love saved me. I never questioned what happened. My cognition was intact, which was another miracle for the doctors. However, my motor part was totally affected and I became quadriplegic. My picture was uncertain. From the brain damage, I would be in a vegetative state. I lost all movement, all strength, speech, and fine motor skills. Absolutely out of nowhere you lose your ground and see your life almost gone, change values. I accepted everything as a blessing. I am a survivor and a lucky one. I received and I receive a lot of affection and love. I'm surrounded by so many dear people who gave me so much that sometimes I don't even know if I deserve so much. For me, everything has been obviously crazy and intense. But it's incredibly full of positive energy and mostly love. I have a very intense speech routine, occupational therapy, and a lot of physiotherapies. I've already gained a lot of autonomy in my right arm and I have a very good and surprising evolution. I don't know how far I can go, but I will fight to the end. I believe in the impossible and that love always wins.

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