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Adversity= Motivation

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Matilda Carnegie

My final year at school

School has never been my favourite place, often as some of you guys may know having disabilities can often be very isolating and it can be very hard to find your place. Personally I have always struggled socially and in boarding school I felt I never really had anyone to turn to. However I used this adversity to drive me to excel academically. I managed to do well enough to get my Academic Half Colours (You need to get a B+/A average and maintain this for at least six months) and I managed to win the prize for being the top student in Global politics, this has also helped me find a hidden passion for politics! I am working towards getting a score high enough to get into the Bachelor of Arts (Hummanities) at Melbourne University, which is a fantastic university. Year 12 has been a whirl wind and there are many things that I would do differently, but shout out to my amazing family and some of my lovely friends, who have enabled me to be finishing school up well. However I learnt that you really use adversity to achieve success and more importantly gain a respect for yourself that you may not have had before.

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