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Skye Cerebral Palsy Warrior

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Erika Crockett


This is Skye, she is 7 years old and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She was born prematurely and spent four months in a children’s hospital before she was able to come home. She was adopted by a loving, caring family who has taken care of her since the first day she was released from the hospital. She has been deemed a failure to strive because she couldn’t eat without throwing up. She received a g- tube and was able to gain weight and thrive in so many other areas of her life. Skye learned how to talk and began to display her smile that can brighten up any and every room she rolls into. Skye enjoys going to church with her family of 8, going on trips to the mall, going to school, and even attending doctor's appointments. Despite not being able to walk yet, Skye still manages to be the typical 7-year-old with a sassy attitude with her own special demeanor that makes her a true one of a kind. Her family has faith that one day she will learn to walk and break many barriers that have been set for her.

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