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Ability beyond disability

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Tshepang Praise

Ability beyond dis-ability

My name Tshepang Maluleke and I'm 17 years old looking to experience life in the best way that I can the year 2016 I was diagnosed with TB spine meningitis that made me paralyzed. Accepting myself wasn't easy I had depression and I also tried committing suicide because I felt rejected, less of people, useless. My journey wasn't easy but with the grace of God, I made it even today I still don't know how I made it. My life was messed up. I would like to tell someone who is living with a disability "life has no limitations, except the one you make" other people say wheelchair people don't break barriers and can't overcome anything. Well, I say that's a lie cause I'm sure breaking them every day let's keep on providing them wrong and keep pushing.

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