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Creativity is all you need !

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Recycling making decorations & having fun together

The Sukot Jewish holiday is A family holiday in which you build your own hut and make it colorful with drawings and creative decorations. Of course, there are also blessings but we will leave this for another story ;-) So Erez waits for this event every year as we Build and decorate it together. Not many if you are aware that beyond his rare condition following an unsuccessful surgery Erez right side has become very weak. Making it almost impossible for him to stand and move his right hand and leg. It is these rare moments where we as parents need to be creative and through fun come up with ideas to have him help with the creation, move his hands and work on enhancing their functionality.

Fun & togetherness are the best motivators for functioning and success

It is a known fact that fun, play, creativity, and curiosity are the biggest motivators. Therefore I urge you all to look for these small activities that make a big difference And make them from time to time. It is a great time passer non the less bond maker between you and your loved ones. Putting the mobiles in the next room and giving them 100% attention. Telling them to pass the stripe we cut from the left hand to their right hand and only then they can be stapled to the paper decoration chain, yes we can also add Accumulative counting. Even a game of how many rings each color has (Erez loves math) hahahah The bottom line is that #yoocandoanything if you put your mind, heart, effort, and full attention into it! And the truth is I felt like a kid again ๐Ÿคฉ

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