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I am an overcomer

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Jhonna Von

I am a proud amputee

I am Jhonna Von, 27 years old and a proud amputee! (above and below knee). I've been an amputee for the past 13 years. It is due to a vehicular accident involving a motorbike and a container van. Life isn't easy. I've been through ups and downs, struggles and difficulties. I've experienced a lot of pain (even until now), disappointments and frustrations. But that didn't stop me from moving on, continuously fighting and living this life. I surrounded myself with great people; family; friends and workmates who always encourage and empower me to be what I am today. And lastly, I'm always putting my trust in God's hands, because His plans are far better than mine. His great love and amazing grace are what kept me going on. I am Jhonna Von. I am a child of God and I am an overcomer. To God be the glory! :)


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