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Theo Hutton

Theos Journey so far

Theo is nearly 4 years old and lives in West Kirby, Wirral with his parents Laura and Andy, and dog Guinness.  He was full term but after complications at birth, he was born not breathing.
Theo was resuscitated for over 7 minutes, immediately on life support, and transferred to the Neonatal unit. Theo suffered from a level 2 HIE to his brain and has recently been diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.  Despite this, Theo is the happiest little boy and his laugh is infectious! Theo has visited Panama for Stem Cell Treatment, uses an oxygen chamber regularly, and has numerous different therapies such as Galileo vibration therapy, CFT to Physio, and Hydrotherapy, which we feel helps with his disability to achieve more, be happy and comfortable.  Theo has just started his settling-in sessions at 'big' School and is finding it really hard to control his emotions (as are we as parents). Theo is so bright and has started in a mainstream school. He has just started to learn to use an eye gaze to communicate with others as he is non-verbal.  Although we are not wanting this to be used 100% of the time as we are still working very hard on his talking. We love to post on Facebook and Instagram as our aim as parents is to ensure Theo is understood and accepted.  We don't want his disability to stop him so we love to share our story and educate others on Cerebral Palsy and disabilities. Theo is such a cheeky little boy, he has such a funny sense of humor. He is also an adrenaline junky and loves all outdoor activities like canoeing, paddling boarding, power boating rollercoasters, and tractor rides.   We will continue to fight for our little fighter!

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