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Steven Walgenbach

Hi, I am Steven. I was in a car accident when I was one year old. A senior citizen fell asleep on the highway and drove into us from the oncoming side of traffic. Not only did I bruise my spine, but I also injured my brain on collision. Doctors said I would not progress past grade 7... I am now 18 and in grade 12. I have placed 1st in South Africa and 9th in the world in the Lego World Robot Olympiad. I am the captain of the under 19 and 23 regional teams, as well as the under 23 national team. I'm also currently leading the senior league in rebounds, steals, scoring, and double-doubles. I have my own company, and teach children robotics. Lastly, I'm also the 4 time MVP for the under 19 league and have two MVP awards in the under 23 league.


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