yoocan - Simone Erdedi - My name is Simone and I’m addicted to fashion and dancing…

My name is Simone and I’m addicted to fashion and dancing…

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Simone Erdedi

Yes, I have an addiction and I love it!

Hi everyone, My name is Simone and I live in Sydney, Australia with my beautiful family. I have a younger sister Natalie and an older brother Adrian. They help me all the time, especially recently with my new Instagram page, which is all about fashion, smiling, dancing, and fun! My siblings help me with all of my posts and I’ve been so lucky and fortunate that so many people love my photos and videos. I wear lots of amazing clothes and my ultimate goal is to show how inclusion is such a big part of my life. I’ve found Instagram has been a blessing in my life, I am happy and excited to dress up, dance, post new content, and engage with so many beautiful people in my community. Recently I was interviewed by a prime time news and current affairs show called "A Current Affair", it was so nice, I got to show all of Australia my dancing and fashion. The video is on my Instagram bio. Please join me on my journey. Smile with me, dance with me, and let’s enjoy life together. Love Sim xoxo

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