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“Never Give UP”

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Maria Morales

Mighty Mickey CP Hero

Hi, I’m Mighty Mickey. I’m a 7-year-old identical twin who has Spastic Diplegia/quadriplegia (depending on the doctor you ask), GMFS 3. Along with my twin and mommy, we decided to fight against it and not let it define me, but rather strengthen me.

Multiple physicians and therapists told my mom I would never be able to walk independently, but they didn’t know we had several secret weapons: we don’t let anyone tell us what we can or can’t do, we never give up, we are fighters, and when my mommy and I here the words can’t or won’t we get extra motivated because we know we will prove them wrong.

My mommy was able to get me in with a superhero himself, Dr. Park, who performed SDR surgery on me and took away my spasticity. However, we encountered multiple hardships along the way. After years of traditional therapy not showing much progress, and the pandemic taking those therapists away, my mommy decided to take matters into her own hands. After reading and educating herself we began my superhero training. And guess what, I’m walking. All those doctors are in awe. And I am just getting started. I want every little boy and girl out there who can’t walk YET to never give up. I asked my mommy to start me an IG and YouTube so I can let other kids know, “fight the fight, and never give up.”

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