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Life single-handedly since 1995!

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Ashley Sherman

Changing the way the public views different.

In no way do I find myself disabled. Just different. I was born a twin missing my right arm just below the elbow. The way my parents raised my sister and I we grew up living a completely normal life. Or as normal as it gets when you live on a farm with 14 horses at any given time! I have worked with, taken care of and trained horses for as long as I can remember. Growing up showing horses, competing against able bodied competitors, and winning multiple awards and championships I was never viewed as disabled by my friends and family. Now that I'm older and am working as a scuba diver at an Orlando aquarium I meet a lot of people from all over the world. A very commonly asked question is "how have you been able to cope and do so many things with your disability?" And I usually direct the word to my "limb difference". To me growing up this way I have learned to adapt and let nothing stop me. Except maybe the monkey bars... But whatever people tell me I can't do, I have a fire to prove them wrong. Aside from horseback riding I was a dancer for 7 years and competed at a national level. I also am scuba certified and love to dive and the ocean. I hope to one day be a motivational speaker for limb different children and adults and make a positive impact on my community and people around the world!

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