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Chronic illness, chronic pain, mental health

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Charly N Russell

My life

Hi Charly and assistant dog Starla here, I’m 31 and Starla is 6, my son Alonso is 5 years old We are from Kent UK. So- chronic pain, chronic illness, and battling mental health in 2012. I had a car crash then in 2013 I had a horse-riding accident, I began experiencing extreme pain and shakes, doctors gave me meds and I thought that was it, I put my trust in the doctors. They know what they are talking about... right? 2016 I had my son and suffered my body “giving up” I had an emergency c section and then gave up again in recovery BUT I’m a fighter and survived. My son was in special care for a month no one explained anything to me only that I shouldn’t have been able to try for a natural birth. It was in 2016 I was told I had a neck fracture from back when I had my car crash which is why I suffer from Parkinson like symptoms (I shake and have tremors in my legs and arms) as it’s fused back the wrong way and there is nothing anyone can do. Along with several back breaks and permanent left side nerve damages and weakness, I can’t walk far, I use my stick and electric wheelchair. When my son was born I didn’t leave the house for over a year and suffered from psychosis, severe depression, and extreme anxiety BUT with that said I’m still here and had my little dog trained as my assistance dog to help me get out of the house and be the best mum I can for my son. And yes I’m on a hell of a lot of medication! We’ve been to hell and back and we are still here, I have my daily challenges but I won’t let what happened, define me. My son is my focus and goals- he’s the one I do this all for and with the help of Starla I know I can. It’s not what I can’t do it’s what I can do, I have a loving supportive family around me. I’m helping others with mental health, chronic pain, fellow spoonies, and raising awareness around assistance dogs in the UK. Stay strong and hang on in there - you are not alone @starla_little_legs

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