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Life is Unpredictable

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Roxana D.

Let's tell you my story!

Life is unpredictable. You never know what tomorrow brings, or if tomorrow will come at all. Every new day we have in this world is a blessing. Hi there, I'm Roxana from Romania. I currently live in Italy & Germany. Let Me tell you my story. Starting with the beginning I can tell you I did not have an easy life. I had a difficult childhood. Born into a poor family, my parents had a lot of problems with alcohol. To escape the unbearable situation at home, I left the house and got married very young. Before I turned 18, I had a son. But my marriage was not a happy one, and in 2009 I got a divorce and decided to look for a better life in a new country. After two weeks after my arrival in Italy, I was involved in a terrible car accident on a highway in Verona, which changed my life completely. Within seconds after the tires screeched, I lost the use of my legs and much more. I incurred a spinal cord injury at the mid-chest level. I’m back to being myself. I had come to accept the biggest challenge in my life – my disability. Throughout my life, I slipped from one nightmare to another, and I had no hope that my situation would ever improve. But my will to live prevailed in the face of my fervor to end it all. God didn’t turn away from me and he prepared me for what was to come as I still thought that I had no future to look forward to. He kept me strong through it all, and I kept writing my story, one page at a time. Later, after 7 long years of depression, I opened back up to the world. I started participating in numerous fashion shows during Milan Fashion Week and that felt empowering. I learned that a smile is much more feminine than a stiletto. I firmly believe that this modeling initiative has managed to point out that sensuality can exist even in the confinement of a metal wheelchair, and that real beauty is internal, it doesn’t go away when life traps you in special circumstances. Then, in search of a new challenge, I discovered hand-cycling. A hand-cycle is a mobility device that allows any person, disabled or able-bodied, to travel on bike paths and roads powered by his or her arms. Once I tried it, I fell in love with what it offered me – the freedom to move! Also, after I became a wheelchair user I wanted to achieve all my dreams and enjoy life. I jumped on a plane and had a three-month stay in California (alone). It was my biggest dream and, happy-go-lucky, I did it! I made tremendous friends there and I stayed in the house of a wonderful family. They helped me with accommodations and supported me throughout. I met with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), which introduced me to many new people and made my stay a fantastic time. Later, I came back to California to participate in the great cycling event "Million Dollar Challenge", biking from San Francisco to San Diego in a week. Wonderful experience!!  My life's about much more than the words here for that I had chosen to put it on paper and let people get inspired, and motivated by my story. My book "Jungle of the Soul" is a valuable tool for those struggling with depressive thoughts and feeling a lack of self-worth. It provides the keys to how one can overcome depression and live a happier and more full life. — Roxana D.

Jungle of the Soul — A Memoir by Roxana D. The human soul is home to an enchanted jungle. If you dare to wander inside, you'll bear witness to its wonders but if you stray too far from the path, you may fall prey to the dangers that stalk your every step. There you will find places full of magic, protected by antique machinery built from the pains and tears of humankind. By going through the pages of this book, you are discovering unparalleled beauty, but you are also plunging into the darkest corners of this young woman's story. Roxana had the courage to put her entire life on paper and give the whole world the privilege to see her soul and unveil her most intimate thoughts. She invites you to experience the trials she's been through, the fears that haunted her every waking hour, and her pain that never went away. The Jungle of the Soul is a unique story that will completely change how you perceive and appreciate your life.

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