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My struggle

Hey, humans! I'm Amy and although my story is long and complicated, I don't have a diagnosis despite literally thousands of tests and dozens of doctors, so I'm just living with my condition and taking it day-by-day. I was an EMT for several years and was in the middle of paramedic school when my symptoms hit. The closest condition to mine is perhaps a form of cerebellar ataxia. Basically I don't have any balance or coordination and I have slurred speech. It makes things difficult, but I've found that with good people, mobility aids, and patience with myself, things are much easier. Also, I had massive struggles with my mental health and that was probably the hardest thing. I will most likely have ups and downs throughout my life, but I am better equipped to deal with them now. I graduated from paramedic school and got certified, then I worked as an instructor for two different paramedic programs, and now I'm learning video editing! I want to focus on having self-fulfillment and also helping build an accessible world for everyone. 😊

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