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Addisons journey

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Ana Karen Flores

My miracle baby

Addison is an identical twin, you see when she was in the womb she and her twin sister shared the same sac, but unfortunately, her sister didn’t make it. That’s when things started getting complicated because her sister's wastes got into Addison's system resulting in Microcephaly, Cerebral Palsy, and Anencephaly. They said Addison would be a vegetable and let me know from the beginning that she would be a wheelchair user. They spoke about her as if she were a burden and told me that she would not look like other babies. Fast forward to now and Addison is my biggest blessing, she lights up my world and everyone else that knows her. She loves dancing, eating soul food, and getting all her cuddles. We have had a long journey full of surgeries and have overcome her having seizures. She surprises me every day and is a living miracle.

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