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GABISURF - The surfer with Down Syndrome

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My joy to live is what makes me win

I am Gabriel Paiva, I am 17 years old and I have Down Syndrome.
My mother is a physical therapist and from an early age recognized the importance of stimulation for my maximum development. 
I was born in Cabo Frio and have always loved the ocean. I started surfing in 2019 at @instituto_somar. In that same year, I participated in several presentations at championships including the important WSL in Saquarema. I also participated in the statewide Cabo Frio Surf Pro in the adapted surf category, obtaining the 2 maximum grades and ultimately ranked first place.
At the beginning of the pandemic, I really missed the ocean so, in August 2020, I started private lessons with the champion @victorribasoficial. I grew a lot as a person and as a surfer. To enhance my performance, I sought out alternatives to improve my skills.
Today I skate, do Pilates, and exercise. Additionally, I train with teacher @chico_salgado, who just gave me my first custom-made surfboard!
In surfing, I get to show that I face the challenges of my life with great passion. My biggest dream is to participate in championships and spread the joy I feel when I am surfing.
Check out me riding the waves.

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