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Chasing a Paralyzed Motocross Dream

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Mike Garrison

Anything is Possible, It's Up to You to Prove It

Growing up I was the average small-town kid from the midwest who got tangled in the soccer net, struck out in tee ball, and had no real interest in traditional sports. Instead, my entire childhood revolved around racing my dirt bike with hopes of someday being a world-famous professional motocross racer, making millions of dollars, signing autographs at the local McDonald's, and racing in front of a stadium full of cheering fans.
On August 27, 2006, at the age of 18, I attended a local race only a few short months after my high school graduation. During the race I collided with another rider mid-air over a jump and came crashing to the ground collapsing both lungs, shattering my T5 and T6 vertebrae, and paralyzing me from the chest down.
On August 27, 2016 (10 years to the day of my injury) I celebrated the journey I had been put on and the most amazing person I had met because of it, by marrying the girl of my dreams.
On August 27, 2021 (15 years to the day of my injury) my wife and I celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary in the mountains of Colorado. My wife has never seen me stand or walk, let alone ride a dirt bike. With the help of the High Fives Foundation and Motodemption Camp, that all changed, and against the odds, I was put back on a dirt bike specially built to fit my needs to ride once again and do what I love most.
As a kid I chased a motocross dream to be a professional racer, win races, and enjoy the fame and riches that came with it. Today, I am chasing a motocross dream to inspire others, and bring a smile and hope where it is needed. I aim to inspire people by showing them that if someone who was paralyzed riding a dirt bike and can't move or feel over 75% of their body can strap BACK onto a dirt bike to continue doing what they love in life...ANYTHING is possible, it's up to you to prove it.

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