yoocan - Tajia Rodriguez - God, Family and friends is all I need!
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God, Family and friends is all I need!

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Tajia Rodriguez


My name is Tajia and I am a 17 year old kid born with cerebral palsy. I'm a normal kid my age who just loves having fun. I always have a smile on my face no matter what. Although I have cerebral palsy I'm unstoppable! I have overcame so many obstacles in my life and will continue to do so! Life with Cerebral Palsy may sometimes be hard but if I had the chance to take my cerebral palsy away, I wouldn't do it because I'm perfect the way I am!! Cerebral Palsy is the reason why I'm the strong inspiring young girl that I am today! I'm an inspiration to many and proud of it! My dream is to be able to walk one day and everyday I work hard to get there! Everytime I fall I always get back up and keep trying! My family's moto is "nothing is impossible". I'm just so proud of the way Jesus made me! Follow #tajiasjourney as I continue to show the world that nothing is impossible! I believe that you can do anything!


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