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Trey will walk!

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Trey Cantwell

Each day I am getting stronger

My name is Trey and on March 5th, 2014 I was riding passenger to work with a friend. About half way to the job, an icy patch of road caused the vehicle I was in to hit a ditch bank and flip multiple times. I crushed c5-c7 with c6 getting the worst of it. As a result it left me paralyzed from the chest down also affecting the use of my hands and triceps. I had trouble breathing and couldn't even lift a fork or spoon to feed myself. It's been 2 years since the accident and I can now cloth my upper extremities, feed myself and lift weights (with special gloves). Although I can not walk or feel much of my lower half I am getting stronger and becoming more independent. I hope my story helps you to see that #yooocandoanything.


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