yoocan - Franziska Quadri - I have found the joy of life again.
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I have found the joy of life again.

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Franziska Quadri

I am happy despite chronic pain

My name is Franziska (@franzi_quadri). I have been paralyzed from the neck down since a paragliding accident in 2009. I was in the middle of life at the time and had a great job and a relationship. My whole life was shattered in a split second. Today I am a quadriplegic and 100% dependent on help. It's not always easy. My problem is that I have neuropathic pain and severe spasticity. It makes my life hell. Luckily I have found something that helps and learned to deal with the disability and the wheelchair. I have found the joy of life again. That's what I want to show the world on social media. There is still a lot possible. My life is fun. I am happy again. Thanks to the great help of my family and friends I have no limits. Society is now handicapping me, and I want to change that with my pictures and stories. #nevergiveup

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