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Rolling With the Changes

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Katie Bleekrode

Life With FA

Hi! My name is Katie (follow me at @katiesdiscoverableworld), and I was diagnosed with a condition called Friedreich’s Ataxia when I was a junior in high school (about 20 years ago- eek!).  FA is a neuro-muscular disorder that affects primarily my legs but can also hinder other general motor skills. Because it is progressive, I didn’t fully realize the hurdles I would face as my condition progressed. When I was first diagnosed it was mostly because of balance problems. I had a hard time going downstairs. I would brush it off as a dizzy blonde scenario. :) However, with the formal diagnosis everything changed. Back then though I didn’t realize how much they would. I still went away for college and then moved to Orlando to work at Disney World before moving back home to Atlanta, GA.  I’ve been living in Atlanta ever since where I work full-time and travel as much as possible. The past 5 years have challenged me in many ways- I’ve been forced to come to terms with various parts of my condition. The loss of some independence has made me embrace new interests. I’ve started my blog about traveling and my adventures as a young woman with a disability at katiesdiscoverableworld.com. My blog and Instagram it’s been helpful in being more open about my condition and helping me feel less alone.  I’ve connected with others, learned tips and tricks, and gained the confidence to propel myself forward.  My condition won’t stop me,  but it will throw a few hurdles in my path.  However, armed with the proper tools and most importantly a community of family and friends, I’ve got this. :)   xo, Katie @katiesdiscoverableworld

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