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Disability isn’t inability

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Bugembe Nelson

We the disabled community we can make it in life as abled people do.

Hello everyone. My name is Bugembe Nelson, and I am from Kampala-Uganda in East Africa. As I am 25 years old, I am a graduate of information technology and computer repair and maintenance. I was born like any other normal kid, but at the age of 2 years I was taken for polio vaccination and injected with the wrong vaccine that made the vein in my left leg go dead. And I ended up becoming disabled, unable to use my left leg. But that didn’t mean that it was the end of my life, no, my daddy had to find out how I was going to survive. And guess what? Here I am. I went to school, and finished the primary level, then later went to secondary and passed with flying colors. I got to university and completed it in 2019. I soon looked for jobs and unfortunately, didn’t get one. In 2020 Covid-19 came in and I was looking after four abled youths at the time. We had no source of income, so I had to be innovative. I had an idea of starting to make detergents (Liquid Soap, Dog shampoo, Hair shampoo). Now as I speak, I have a small company that I own that produces all different types of detergents and I sell all my products online mostly through contacts on social media. Thank you so much you too can make it in life. In case of anything you can reach me on my WhatsApp number +256-755396053 or on my Instagram @Nelson_Bugembe  #DisabilityIsntInability

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