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How to Parent A Kid With Limb Difference: Malakye the Magnifient

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Malakyes Mummy

Educating & Raising Awareness for People with A Limb Difference

I was 34 weeks pregnant with my son when I was told that he was missing his right forearm and hand. This did not shock me as much as the doctor offering me a termination of pregnancy. I absolutely refused and Malakye was born healthy, gorgeous and perfect, despite his limb difference.

At first, I was worried about him so much. If he would achieve his milestones, if he would be happy. I shouldn't have bothered worrying. Malakye was a little slow with his physical development at first, but by 18 months he had officially caught up to his peers. He no longer needs to see his occupational therapist. He is also the happiest, cheekiest little boy you could possibly imagine.

Sometimes when we are out and about, I see someone looking at Malakye a little longer then required. I usually try to start a conversation with them about his limb difference too educate and raise awareness. Malakye is an inspiring little boy to many, but he is jus Malakye to us. He is perfect in every single way.

So what next for Malakye? Who knows. Anything. Everything maybe. All I know is that he is my tenth child and I have never loved or enjoyed being a mother as much as nine do right now to Malakye.

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