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5 Online Degrees That You Can Take From Home

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Riley Anne Judson

1. Computer Science

For those who love working with computers, learning code, and figuring out how programs work, computer science can make for the perfect educational opportunity. Studying computer science is also especially well-suited for remote settings since the work is innately computer-based anyway –– making it a convenient degree for those who are disabled or otherwise cannot make it to in-person or on-campus classes. And most importantly, current projections indicate a 13% increase in computer and IT jobs from 2020 to 2030, meaning that securing a degree in computer science means more job opportunities and more companies competing for you (which in turn tends to lead to better salaries, benefits, and potentially accommodations for disabled employees). Specific jobs you can get with a degree in computer science include AI research scientist, cloud engineer, and software developer, among many others.

2. Psychology

If you’ve never considered this particular subject in higher education before, you may assume that it is designated primarily for those who wish to enter related mental healthcare fields. The reality, however, is that with an online bachelor’s degree in psychology, you’ll gain access to various exciting career options. Jobs in education, business, counseling, and even advocacy are all options for people with a background in psychology. Some of the most common specifics in this field include research analysts, educators, and nowadays, business managers (since companies are looking to bridge the employee/leadership gap by employing those who understand both the “people” side and the “business” side of the company). Also of note is that psychology studies can lead to career options in market research and human resources –– both fields expected to grow significantly during the current decade (18% and 7% respectively, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

3. Medical Office Administration

The healthcare industry is growing and expanding rapidly, and we’re fast approaching a point at which a long-expected need for more medical services for aging baby boomers will be upon us. For these reasons, it’s expected that between 2020 and 2030, at least 64,000 medical secretary jobs will open up, making for 10.6% growth in the profession. For those with an interest in healthcare who would be interested in tapping into this growth, a medical office administration degree is another terrific option. It’s a degree that can be pursued remotely, and which will prepare you for numerous key aspects of medical secretary work –– including billing, patient services, and how to handle medical and insurance-related documents.

4. Education

You may have heard that teachers have some of the highest rates of burnout among all workers (as well as consistently low pay). However, there are a few important things to recognize with regard to all this before dismissing the idea of working in education. First of all, teachers are now taking a stand and working toward more retirement benefits, in part to offset low pay and attract more people to the profession. Secondly, getting an online degree in education doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become a classroom teacher (unless that’s what you want to do, of course!). There are plenty of other career paths out there for those in the education field including (but not limited to) tutoring, research, and teaching online classes.

5. Graphic Design

For those who tend to prefer creativity and artistic expression to numbers and problem-solving, an online degree in the field of graphic design is another excellent remote solution. And while some indications are that job growth for graphic designers will be relatively slow moving forward, that’s in part due to the fact that it’s already a widespread profession –– with the BLS suggesting that there will be nearly 24,000 job openings per year for graphic designers over the course of the current decade. This can also be a particularly flexible job for those with disabilities who may need to work irregular hours or days. While it’s certainly possible to get a “day job” as a photo editor, apparel designer, web designer, or even art director for a single company, a lot of people with graphic design degrees and portfolios of designs wind up working steadily as freelancers.

As more universities and colleges offer online courses, getting a degree in your preferred field is becoming more accessible than ever –– particularly for those whose disabilities may hold them back from conventional educational arrangements. The most challenging part may be choosing the career path or degree you’d like to take –– but the possibilities are endless.

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