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"If You Can't Stand Up, STAND OUT!"

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Angela Rockwood

"Life is a gift and what we do with our life is our gift back to the world, to others and to ourselves."

The moment I opened my eyes in the hospital and looked up at that ceiling it felt like "deja vu". As if I had been there before- unable to move or feel anything from the neck down. The first thought, "I'm Alive!" The second thought I knew was for a reason, that I had a mission to fulfill and be a voice for others in the same predicament. I had a premonition at 17 that I'd be in a car accident but unbeknownst to me I'd sustain a spinal cord injury at 26 changing my life instantly. Imagine being an adrenaline junkie, motorcycle racer, martial artist, and runner, instantly transported into the realm of the paralyzed from a horrific accident while planning your wedding, all a week before 9/11. When I woke up from the accident, there was an inner voice that spoke to me and a vision flashed before my eyes. My father sat by my bedside to write word for word what I saw and I can tell you I'm living it till this day! I'm Angela Rockwood, a POSITIVITY influencer who is a #RollingEmpire and has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. I was born in Clovis, N.M. and experienced the world as the child of a career military man before modeling at 17. In 2001 right before my injury, I was launching an acting career, with small roles in The Fast and the Furious and the TV series V.I.P.. The doctor gave me a 3% chance of moving or feeling anything from the neck down but I didn't allow his prognosis to hinder my spirit and decided I was going to "move" and "feel" another way. I picked up my life, focused on my vision and never looked back! Today I'm a model, actress, TV producer, TV host, a speaker, manifestation life coach, disability advocate, domestic violence activist, innovator, and entrepreneur. I'm a spokesmodel for Spinergy and worked as a model for Target, Nordstrom, and Toyota while I energized my acting career by landing in three national commercials for AARP, Maybelline, and Sony. I've been on Larry King Live, and in People Magazine sharing my journey. With my ultimate mission of pushing boundaries, I co-created, produced and starred in the Sundance Channel's, ‘’Critic’s Choice Awards’’, Best Reality series Push Girls with Gay Rosenthal and David Hurwitz. Humbly I've shared my message on Ellen, Jeff Probst, Marie Osmond, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, Good Day LA, Extra, Huffington Post Live, Kcal 9, Katie Couric, Good Morning America, and had a return segment on Entertainment Tonight. I've had the honor and blessing to showcase "Push Girls'' at The White House! I'm diligent in creating a shift and breaking stereotypes all over while being passionately relentless in manifesting change and implementing ideas through my classes teaching ‘Manifestation’ at the Joey Travolta Theatre and one on one. As a speaker, I've successfully spoken about ‘Pushing the Limits’ for Rancho Los Amigos, L.A. Rescue Mission, Edwards Air Force Base, Miss Global, Next Home and to 4,000 Paul Mitchell students in Las Vegas to name a few. I was chosen by Brig Gen Michael Brewer of the 412th Test Wing Commander to be an Honorary Commander for Edwards Air Force Base after speaking about Resilience. I've returned to the modeling world at 47 to prove ‘’Beauty comes in ALL shapes, sizes, color, age & in EVERY vessel.’’ I'm currently filming Pen Pals, directed by Marem Hassler playing a bisexual sex therapist named Otilia. Tune in to the World Poker Tour on Fox Sports Networks to see me interviewing and diving into the soul of champion poker players. Deep within my soul I carry this mantra daily: "Life is a gift and what we do with our life is our gift back to the world, to others, and to ourselves." It goes to show that no matter what catastrophic event happens in life you can push through it. Nothing is permanent, it's only temporary..."If You Can't Stand Up, STAND OUT!" ~Angela Rockwood
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