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Girl who wasn't supposed to walk

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Sarah ZK

Hi! I'm Jessa

I was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome. I'm missing 3 bones in my spine, have bilateral clubbed feet and have shallow hips. My parents were told I'd be born dead from the waist down. Boy were they wrong! Every day I'm proving them wrong. I can crawl super fast and with a push walker, I can walk over 100ft! I want everyone to know anything is possible! I hope I can inspire other kids and give parents hope. Thank you for reading my little story :)

Jessa's story

I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter Jessa when we were told she had Caudal regression syndrome - we were told she'd basically be dead from the waist down. As parents, we were devastated but not giving up! Now Jessa is almost 2 years old... she can crawl and walk with a push walker! She's doing amazing. I make sure to share her story and progress as much as possible. Doctors don't know everything and you must have faith in your child. Also if you'd like to follow her story more closely and have more information please follow us on Instagram: sarahzkp

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