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Leo the lion

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Leanne Charlesworth

Sacral Agenisis

So my son was born with a rare condition called sacral agenisis. This has caused his lower part of his body to be restricted. When my son was born nearly 9 months ago they originally said that would never be able to move the lower part of his body and they do not think he will be strong enough to walk. But since the first day he was born he has proved them all wrong! Having this condition has also caused my sons hips to be dislocated, born with club foot and hyper extention from the knee- meaning his knees do not bend much. My son has remained positive throughout the 9 months so far of his life and has not let nothing stop him, from series of casts, anatomy and special boots he remains the happiest and amazing little baby ever! I am so so proud of my son and I would not change a thing, I just want sacral agenisis to be known and have awareness raised.


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