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Nila Morton

Keep chasing your dreams

My name is Nila and I was born with a rare disease called Ullrich Muscular Dystrophy. I'm the only one in South Carolina to have and #96 in the world to have it. It affects most of my muscles and my lungs. I have to use a bipap at night because my lungs aren't strong enough to keep me breathing in my sleep. I can walk short distances but I use a wheelchair whenever I go out. My disease hasn't allowed me to stop chasing my dreams. I am Miss Mauldin Teen USA for the Miss SC Teen USA pageant in November. I am the first wheelchair disabled girl to compete in this kind of pageant. I may be making history right now. I want to show the world that beauty comes in all shapes and forms and it can also be disabled. My disability doesn't define who I am as person and it doesn't make less beautiful. I am so excited for this experience in my life. I am in need of donations so I can be able to get what I need for the pageant and also transportation since the van I have is wearing down and in need of a new van. I have a gofundme page which is gofundme.com/missmauldin and there is a link on there with my story that from the news that is more detailed. Thank you so much and always remember to keep chasing your dreams!

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