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Pablo Tovar

Sports are the perfect way to help anyone

My name is Pablo and I'm from Spain. I had a motorcycle accident when I was 21 years old that left me with a D5 spinal cord injury. I finished my Business Administration and Management University studies, and I began to practice sports as a way to get over my new life situation. Nowadays I compete in alpine skiing, water skiing and surfing, and I practice other sports like swimming, tennis, hand biking and scuba diving… And I have begun to study Psychology at University! Some of my competition results are: Gold medal in the Spanish alpine skiing championship in 2015, Gold medal in the Spanish waterski open in 2014 and Silver medal in the Spanish surf championship in 2016. For me, sports are the perfect way to help anyone, disabled or not, get through any problem they may be facing. My motto: enjoy life and make sports a part of it!

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