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Trust the Timing of your Life: How I became an actor with CP

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Ajani 'AJ' Murray

I am an actor with a disability

Most people call me AJ but my first name is Ajani. I am an actor with a disability. I was born 3 months early and as a result my lungs weren't working properly and as a result of my premature delivery I have cerebral palsy. I love acting, singing, adaptive sports, and hanging out with my friends and family. I am a thespian who loves the theater, I am a programmer for several film festivals, I am currently featured in the film Becoming Bulletproof which is airing on Showtime and can be found on Showtime on-demand. You can also purchase the film through Amazon or watch it on Hulu. I currently finished my second feature film and it will be in film festivals starting the early part of next year. I have been chosen as a subject for a pilot tv show that will air in the Netherlands and this is my current project, so wish me luck! I will be kicking off a speaking tour this November starting in Atlanta, GA. @ipushutalk traveling the states telling my journey as an actor and sharing my dreams and plans for the future.

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