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Caring For A Baby With A Limb Difference

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Kristen McNichols

Learning About Maggie's Limb Difference

My husband and I were told I needed a second anatomy ultrasound after the first didn't show everything the doctor wanted. We weren't told anything specific other than "not to worry." Well, of course I worried but didn't think much about it for the month we waited between ultrasounds. We went to the special high risk doctor and again the ultrasound tech took a very long time and said the doctor would be in soon. An hour later the doctor came in and did his own ultrasound and then said the words "there is a problem". My heart sank and I felt like I might fall off the table. He told us that they could not find her right hand. He said it was very likely due to a blood flow issue, and was not something I caused or could have prevented. We were sent home with only that information, and were told that we'd be contacted by someone more knowledgeable in the area of pediatric orthopedics as the doctor had never seen this before. That day was one of the worst in my life. My husband and I didn't know where to turn for more information, and we had to tell our close friends and family the news.

I was so worried about my little girl's future. Would she be limited from certain activities or picked on? Why had this happened to her? What are the odds? Thankfully, by chance I found an article with a very similar story to ours and then found the group 'The Lucky Fin Project' for limb different people of all ages. I had no idea there was a whole group dedicated to supporting each other and raising awareness. I slowly started to feel more at ease and realized our little girl, Maggie, would not be held back. She would make her own way, and would know no difference.

Maggie is beautiful and feisty. I look forward to watching her grow and overcome the difference she has. My hope is that by sharing our story, others will not feel alone and that the world will become a more compassionate place for all people.


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