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No Hand No Problem!

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Ashton Hoc Tran

Smile! I have five fingers!

Yes..that's right; Ashton only has five fingers and ten toes. My husband and I discovered Ashton's limb difference, known as amniotic band at 28 weeks. Imagine how that would affect a parent when they discover their child was different and afraid how this world would treat their child. All I could think about is; did I eat something wrong while being pregnant, sleep the wrong way, and so many more thoughts just continued on... Prior to discovering the diagnose of amniotic band; we went to many doctor appointments for several medical opinions. The first diagnose was Poland Syndrome; a very rare birth defect that sometimes ties into other development issues. That same day as my husband held me walking to our car to go home. I did not once turn off my phone as I searched and searched for answers to this cause. I was so certain that both my husband and I do not have any family history of genetic disorders..I couldn't wrap myself around this. However; amniotic band is just simply bad luck... it's uncommon but yet so common. As I searched profusely through social media and internet for families with children of the same story to share. My worries became less.. reading such amazing stories from the lucky fin project made me stronger and just anxious to see what the future will bring for our family and our handsome strong baby boy... Even before he joined us into this world; we knew he would be the most spunkiest, smart,strong, and handsome boy ever. How did I know this? It was the moment we witnessed him sucking his left no hands in the full anatomy ultrasound.. We call it his built-in pacifier hand.. He just loves this left hand... We cried and laugh at the same time to see him kick, tumble, and even suck on his hand while inside my womb. In the future; we knew he will have to have a prosthesis... Until the doctors said prosthesis weren't covered by government insurance due to cosmetic reasons...Who has almost 15k for this? I know some way or some where there is help out one day when he gets his first set of prostethic hand. I was then determined to find a way to begin to save. I started my venture through couponing after i gave birth. Ashton's development at 2 month check up was at 90th percentile! yes... 90th percentile. Every day this little guy amazes us. He held up his head at one and half months all on his own. He didn't need mommy or daddy's help. That just simply amazed us. He made eye contact with us, smiled, and laugh at 2 months and one week old... That amazed us even more. When a person says they feel bad for him.We tell everyone to please not say they feel bad. He is just as normal as everyone. Actually, even better than your ordinary and normal person; he's above and beyond unique and perfect! The best feeling in the world is; knowing you gave birth to the most amazing children. Our oldest son, Damian, who said he will help his younger brother and do his homework. Our daughter, Brooke, who will be a doctor to make a lot of money to buy him a new hand. Our younger son, Connor, who said he will protect his brother from getting bullied. My husband and I are blessed in many ways and so grateful for it. I am telling my story today; September 29th , 2016. Making him exactly 3 months today. We look forward to nothing but a wonderful journey with our little Ashton and provide limb difference awareness to those who were also in our shoes at the beginning. Just remember; our limb different children aren't different.. They're perfectly imperfect. It is just a memorable moment to remember; there is someone out there who is interested in our journey with our no left hand man. Yooocandoanything

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