yoocan - Barbie Ramirez - IF YOU CAN'T WALK, ROLL!
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Barbie Ramirez

I wouldn’t trade the life God has given me

Hi, I’m Barbie. I was involved in a car-accident when I was only fourteen years old on December 2002, resulting in a complete spinal cord injury at T4/T3 level. I graduated on 2013 with an AAS in Legal Administration, I married on 2014, and I’m a proud mom of a beautiful one-year old girl named #LluviaSinai. It took me almost nine years to actually learn to love and own this wheels. I love sports and I do track on a regular basis. When I’m in the tracks I feel free, sure! I may not be wearing shoes or using my feet, but I’m still going as fast as I can. Today, I might never forget the sleepless nights and painful days healing up, this accident truly changed my life, yes! for better. I wouldn’t trade the life God has given me, He gave me strength to push myself even when I didn’t want to. Sure, my body may have a few limitations but my soul is now free to live with purpose because I never thought I’d be as happy as I am today. Throughout these years, I’ve learned the importance of loving yourself, because when you think you have accepted yourself for who you are, there’s always ALWAYS a way to love yourself even more, and if you can’t walk, then ROLL!


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