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Robert Shipman

Option: KEEP FORWARD! Look back only to pick the pace.

Hey I'm Robert Shipman. I'm a LBKA since August 2, 2012. I lost my leg due to poor circulation and partial fingers missing on my right hand since 2013. I'm also a kidney and pancreas transplant recipient since April 10, 2010. I am a stronger person through these things that have happened in my life. My faith in God that he will pull me through has allowed me to never give up and keep my mind looking forward to getting my life back. I run and dance and I'm very active! I'm aways sharing the joy that I have inside with anyone I come in contact with showing them that I STILL HAVE JOY! This is also the title of the book I'm now trying to write; letting others like me know that they are SUPER BEAUTIFUL AND CAN STILL HAVE JOY!


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