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Disability is a gift

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Harry Williams

You can either control it or let it control you

My name is Harry. I'm 21-years-old from Manchester England and I was born five weeks early at 3lbs with a radial clubbed hand meaning my hand bends inwards. I also had the thumb amputated at a very young age due to lack of bones and have Klippel-Feil Syndrome in my neck meaning six of my eight discs are fused together. However, none of it prevents me from doing anything physical. I grew up in an MMA family where I was taught to keep moving forward with a strong mentality. Through a strong mentality and the right people around me, I have since travelled across the pond to teach MMA/wrestling to limb-different children at summer camps for NubAbility. I now also run DisabilityIsAbility.com, sharing my stories and many others in the community. Disability is a gift; a test of all kinds. It's a psychological play - you can either control it or let it control you.

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