yoocan - Brynn Duncan - Defined by my accomplishments!
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Defined by my accomplishments!

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Brynn Duncan

Hi my name is Brynn. At the age of 7, I was in a severe car accident that crushed 3 vertebrae from the L1 down. My grandma was driving and had passed out. We hit a tree head on and I was not wearing my shoulder strap. Being so little, the lap belt ripped through my stomach damaging everything except for my pancreas. Throughout the years leading up to now (almost being 16), the things that have helped me most through the years is faith, family and friends! I have been able to overcome all the hard times, all the rough school days all the sleepless nights because I'm not the same. And that couldn't be more correct. I’m much more a women today pursuing my dreams to become a Paralympics athlete. Through great family and friends I am able to be on the US SkiTeam and the USA Women’s National Sled Hockey team. To know that I am not defined by my wheelchair or abilities but my accomplishments!


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