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Proving them wrong

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Claire Buchanan

Born this way

September 13, 1987 I was born and doctors told my family that I would never walk or be an independent individual because of my Spina Bifida. It wasn't long until I was walking with the aid of leg braces and eventually seeking an active lifestyle. My mother took me to a sledge hockey practice and my life was forever changed.

The athlete life

Right away I became obsessed with sports. For a few years I was playing sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball and also being a track and field athlete. I wanted to be competing all of the time. My passion for sport got the attention of College coaches in the United States and I was then competing with the University of Alabama and winning a national championship. I returned from my time in the USA and was quickly approached by someone connected to the Canadian Women's Sledge Hockey team and invited me to try out. I made the team that season and I have continued to play for Canada since then. I train five days a week at the Wheelchair Basketball Canada National Academy as a development carded athlete. My passion for sport is stronger than ever and I dedicate every day to becoming a better athlete and making my country proud.

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