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Boccia Changes Lives

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Mark Flora Swick

Small beginnings

We discovered Boccia when my daughter Elizabeth was 8 years old. She has C.P. and wanted to compete like her sisters and brother. Elizabeth could not throw the ball beyond the V line in her first year of playing. She did not win a game, but she made friends and had a desire to improve. Elizabeth went to her first Nationals in 2006 and again did not win a match, but she scored a point! Since then Elizabeth has won 2 National Championships, completed an under grad degree and is working on a Masters of Social work. After several years off, she placed 3rd at the 2016 USA Boccia Nationals in the BC1 Class.

Handi Life makes the Best Boccia Balls in the world!

When I started coaching Boccia in 2005, it was difficult to get Handi Life boccia balls in the US. Issues with international money wires, cost of shipping, import duties, and custom brokers all presented huge hurdles for the individual customer. I met the founders of Handi Life Sport, Jens and Kirsten at Para Pan games in 2011. They are a family business out of Denmark and have been promoting Sports for All for 25 years. Handi Life is also leading provider of Sound Balls for visually impaired. I simply asked if they had a US Rep? They did not and we started working together.

Boccia is growing in the world

Boccia became a Paralympic Sport in 1984. It is played all over the world and the competition is amazing. 2016 USA Boccia Nationals had 75 athletes competing. We anticipate 120 plus in 2017! With Grants from the Veterans Administration and Neilsen Foundation, USA Boccia has held clinics and tournaments across the country, promoting the sport, training athletes and equipping coaches.

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